The Search for a Unified Theory of…

Einstein had an obsession. With new discoveries in physics popping up around him everywhere, Einstein wanted to find one elegant theory that would snap all these disparate pieces into a e-mc2coherent whole. In his ideal unified field theory, each element would reinforce and be reinforced by all the other elements. Resonating together, each element would have greater meaning because of its linkage with the others. Einstein spent the last 30 years of this life pursuing this obsession.

Well, I’m certainly no Einstein, and I haven’t been pursuing this particular quest for quite 30 years yet, but I do have a somewhat similar obsession. Researchers in the fields of neuroscience, psychology, psychometrics, and predictive analytics are all addressing  basic questions about how humans can be more effective and more fulfilled in work and  in life.

TapestryAs a voracious, omnivorous reader, I’ve consumed mass quantities of these writings—from books and peer-reviewed articles to blog posts, and everything in between. (After all, “great leaders are great readers”!) Across the disciplines and the terminology differences, I see glimmers of connective tissue that might weave these ideas together into one, unified tapestry.

Hence, my Einsteinian quest!

In this blog, I propose to knit together models of high performance and well-being, pulling in research from across multiple disciplines. By synthesizing insights from these varied resources, I hope to give you new tools for heightening your self-awareness and leveraging your strengths to achieve your highest and best performance in both your career and your life. A unified theory of achieving exponential performance.

Ready? Game on!